What do you know about oil and gas Regulatory Authority in Tanzania


The minister of energy has primary responsibility for the development of the petroleum sector and grants licences for upstream exploration and development.

The Oil and Gas Advisory Bureau advises Cabinet on strategic matters relating to the oil and gas economy.

The Petroleum Upstream Regulatory Authority regulates and monitors the petroleum upstream sub-sector in mainland Tanzania.

The Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority established under the Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority Act 2006, exercises regulatory powers in respect of midstream and downstream petroleum and natural gas activities under the act.

The Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation advises the government on:

  • Policy matters pertaining to the petroleum industry;
  • Participating in petroleum reconnaissance, exploration and development projects;
  • Carrying out specialised operations in the petroleum value chain using subsidiary companies;
  • Handling the government’s commercial participating interests in the petroleum sub-sector;
  • Managing the marketing of the country’s share of petroleum received in kind;
  • Developing in depth expertise in the petroleum industry;
  • Investigating and proposing new upstream, midstream and downstream ventures, local and international; and
  • Contracting, holding equity or participating in the oil service and supply chain franchises and other licences.