Polish gas monopolist PGNiG joins European Clean Hydrogen Alliance


Dominant Polish gas concern PGNiG has acceded to the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance (ECH2A), the company announced on Wednesday.

The ECH2A was created by the European Commission (EC) as a platform for cooperation by creating a value chain around the hydrogen economy in Europe. PGNiG said the EC believes hydrogen is a fuel that will bring Europe closer to achieving climate neutrality.

The Polish company wants to build a whole chain of competence related to the production and exploitation of hydrogen, and joining the ECH2A entails new opportunities for the development of technology related to green hydrogen and direct influence on EU regulations.

“Accession to the alliance enables us to draw on the knowledge and experience of partners present within it, already carrying out activities connected with clean hydrogen,” PGNiG President Jerzy Kwieciński said. “Active participation also gives us real influence on creating EU regulations related to the development of hydrogen technology and enables us to join the transformation process of the energy sector on the European level.”

PGNiG pointed out that over 250 enterprises have already joined ECH2A, among them the world’s biggest energy concerns. Among the members are also government and local government institutions as well as academic and financial institutions and non-governmental organizations.

In September, PGNiG joined the Hydrogen Europe association, which, Kwieciński said, gives the company support opportunities for its hydrogen-related research and development.