(IMO) would carry out a mandatory audit to all its Member States


The International Maritime Organization (IMO) would carry out a mandatory audit to all its Member States, in order to broadly and objectively evaluate the effectiveness with which IMO instruments are administered as well as implemented, and in this way determine the degree to which the States fully and effectively comply with the obligations and responsibilities contained in these Agreements.

With a view of a comprehensive institutional preparation in order to receive this audit, which will be carried out in our country in the year 2021, the Board of Directors of the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP), approved Resolution J.D. No. 066-2020 through which the IMO Audit Committee of the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) is created, on behalf of the Republic of Panama as a Member State of the IMO.

This Committee will have the purpose of making the necessary preparations, coordination, and adjustments related to this Audit, and will have the following members:

Its members accept the commitment to work in a joint, coordinated, and planned manner to ensure professional and efficient compliance with the mandatory instruments of the IMO, of which we are part.

It is important to highlight that in 2008, Panama was voluntarily audited as a member country of the IMO, satisfactorily complying with the instruments promulgated in its Agreements.

The International Maritime Organization is the most important entity at the international level in terms of activities related to the maritime industry and seeks to guarantee the safety of human life at sea, the protection and preservation of the marine environment.
Source: Panama Maritime Authority