A new Star was Born in the Eastern Mediterranean the “EMGF” as a regional governmental organization”


Today, September 22, 2020, A new Star was Born in the Eastern Mediterranean, the “EMGF” as a regional governmental organization”.

The Egyptian Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources hosted the digital ceremony, of the Charter for the Eastern Mediterranean Gas Forum, which establishes the forum as a “regional governmental organization” based in Cairo.

The Eastern Mediterranean Gas Forum will act as a platform that brings together gas producers, consumers, and transit countries, to develop a common vision and establish a systematic, structured dialogue on natural gas policies, which will lead to the development of a sustainable regional gas market, to make the most of the region’s resources for the benefit and welfare of its people.

The Eastern Mediterranean Gas Forum fully respects the rights of its members over their natural resources in accordance with international law and supports their efforts to invest their reserves and use their current and future gas infrastructure, through effective cooperation with gas industry parties and stakeholders, including investors, gas trading and trading parties, and financing institutions.

The Forum established the Gas Industry Advisory Committee in November 2019 as a permanent dialogue platform between governments and industry parties.

The Eastern Mediterranean Gas Forum, will contribute to enhancing regional stability and prosperity, and creating an atmosphere of trust and good-neighborly relations through regional cooperation in the energy field.

EMGF organization is open for any country in the eastern Mediterranean to apply for its membership, and for any other country or regional or international organization to apply to join it as an observer, as long as they adopt the values ​​and objectives of the forum, and share the desire to cooperate for the welfare of the entire region.

In this context, the forum appreciates the constructive echo and the broad support it received, which was reflected in the interest of many parties and international organizations to participate in its activities, including the fruitful cooperation with international partners such as the European Union and the World Bank.