Strategic Sonker bulk-liquids terminal in Ain Sokhna


The project of the Sonker liquid pouring station located in the third basin in Sokhna Port, which is being completed at an investment cost of $ 235 million, as one of the most important strategic centers for Egypt on the Red Sea coast for receiving, trading, and storing petroleum products.

The strategic storage area of ​​the project, which includes strategic storage warehouses for diesel and butane with a storage capacity of 100 thousand cubic meters of diesel and 150 thousand cubic meters of butane, where petroleum products are received on the berth specialized in the handling of petroleum products.

The diesel circulation and storage system was put into operation last month, and the cooker handling and storage system is being finalized in preparation for its operation. The project also includes 3 pipelines to transport the cooker and diesel by two stove lines, 6 km long for the line, and a diesel line 35 km long.

Sonker station represents the fruit of successful cooperation and investment between the state represented by the petroleum sector, the Ministry of Finance, the Suez Canal Economic Authority, and the private sector, framework to maximize the local component of the project.

This trend is strengthened, the most important of which is the strategic center for the handling and storage of crude and petroleum products, which was established in the Sumed area in Ain Sokhna, as well as the Hamra port on the Mediterranean for the shipping, handling, and storage of crude oil, whose latest facilities were inaugurated by Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly last month.

The shareholder structure in the Sunker station project includes the petroleum sector, the Ministry of Finance, the Suez Canal Economic Zone Authority, and the Admiral Company for the private sector.