Qarun Petroleum implement work program for obsolete wells to reproducing


Engineer Ashraf Abdel Gawad, President of the Qarun Petroleum Company, confirmed the implementation of a work program to improve the productivity of obsolete wells and operate them according to the highest standards in addition to a program for drilling exploratory and new development wells, maintenance and repair of wells.

ًWhich contributed to achieving maximum productivity, bringing the production rate from the Qarun fields to 30,000 barrels per day during the fiscal year 2019/2020, which witnessed the injection of investments of $ 190 million.

He explained that 13 new exploration and development wells have been drilled and 120 wells repair operations, adding that the expenditure rationalization program has achieved positive results through its contribution to achieving $ 11 million in savings through the optimal use of available resources and utilizing them in a distinct manner.

He also referred to the company’s participation in the context of community development in sterilizing a number of villages in Beni Suef Governorate and contributing to the provision of medical supplies within the preventive measures and measures to help and support the people of the areas surrounding the production fields in the face of the Corona pandemic.