“Port of Sokhna port of the Century”


Port of Sokhna or known as the port of the Century

Edited by: Suzan Nour

Port of Sokhna or known as the port of the Century in view of its high capabilities and the great development that occurs, especially the distinguished position in the economic zone and near the port of Cairo Sukhna road and the rest of the roads that are established in the country through the ring road and regional near the port Of the new administrative capital, making it one of the most important ports and a global focal point linking Egypt to the gateway to Africa and the continents of the world.

Sonker project for liquid waste and the development of the sea pier at Sokhna port, which is an integrated and advanced logistics platform and a main outlet on the Red Sea to secure fuel supplies and add infrastructure strategy for Egypt.

The project is one of infrastructure development of oil ports, refineries, and networks of transmission of crude oil, petroleum products, and natural gas, as well as projects to increase the production capacity of natural resources,

Sonecker, the project represents a model for partnership between the government and the private sector, where the Ministry of Finance and Egypt and Co-operation will contribute 37% to achieve the objective of increasing the strategic inventory of petroleum products and securing fuel supplies, the future plan for the project, which is located on an area of 400 thousand square meters.

Sokhna Port consists of two basins of the first and third basins with a total length of 2500 m, which will reach 6000 m after the development works. The maximum capacity of the port is 9 million tons annually, which increased later with the operation of the liquid casting platform to reach 17 million tons annually. To increase by 21 million tons annually, construction of new storage depots with a capacity of 200,000 cubic meters for diesel, bitumen, and benzene.

The liquid casting station represents the first projects of the economic zone of the Suez Canal in its southern pole and is the nucleus of the planned energy projects in the development axis of the channel in the framework of working to transform Egypt into a regional center for the trading and storage of petroleum products and ship supply.

The investments of the first phase of the project of the development of oil equipment in the port of Sokhna is about 10 billion pounds, which is financed by a bank alliance, which confirms the efficiency and feasibility of the feasibility studies provided to the project, which includes a marine berth specialized in the handling of petroleum products with a length of 415 meters and a depth of 17 meters, Each with a capacity of 120,000 tons and storage capacity of about 150,000 cubic meters of gas and 100 thousand cubic meters of diesel.

The project also includes the construction of a new 40 km pipeline to connect the storage capacity of the gas and gas stations to the liquid casting plant with alum lines National Company for the transportation and trading of crude oil and petroleum products of the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation.