EGAS: Upstream development projects in 2019


EGAS: Upstream development projects in 2019
Development projects (6 New + One Cont.) put on stream with total cost 10.6 Billion US$, with initial rates about 1923 MMSCF/D of sales gas in addition to 2980 BBL Condensate/D.

Total of 56 producing wells put on stream (21 new wells from development projects in addition to 35 development wells) with initial sales gas production about 2280 MMSCF/D of gas and 20.75 MBBL/D of condensate.

Gas Production
Total gas produced from all fields during the fiscal year 2018/2019 reached 2.52 TSCF (average rate 6913.5 MMSCF/D did not include 25 MMSCFD from companies not connected to the gas grid).

Mediterranean region contributed by 58% of total sales gas produced, Nile Delta 20%, Western Desert 20%, and Suez Gulf, Sinai, and Eastern Desert 2%.

Total sales gas produced during 2018/2019 reached 2.33 TSCF (average rate 6391.5 MMSCF/D), 56 wells put on production (including development wells & new wells from projects) with average weighted production about 2280 MMSCF/D of natural gas & 20745 BBL/D of condensate.

Total natural gas used as fuel, injection gas, and as gas
lifting in oil fields reached about 190.2 BSCF, (average rate of 522 MMSCF/D).

Average calorific value for the gas transmitted into the National Gas Grid during 2018/2019 reached about 1030 BTU/SCF.

Quantity and the heating value of the gases delivered to the national grid through the operating companies to approve the financial dues of the foreign companies. 23 delivery points were approved for a total of 276 reports during the year 2018/2019.