Major Energy Companies to join the EMGF Industrial Committee


Major Energy companies to join the EMGF Industrial Committee

the Gas Industry Consultative Committee of the Eastern Mediterranean Gas Forum held its third meeting via video conferencing technology in line with global conditions and precautionary measures taken to contain the pandemic.

The subcommittees of the committee reviewed their work plans, the vice-chairman of the committee presented the road map and the timetable for the combined plan of the committee for 2020-2021, and everyone confirmed their intention to achieve the goals of the forum. It was agreed to include the assessment of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the oil and gas industry in the region as a top priority in the subcommittee’s business plans.

In this regard, the work of the technical, economic, and organizational subcommittees of the Consultative Committee for the Gas Industry, which includes the parties to the gas industry in the region, from international and national oil companies, financing institutions and development institutions, continued through its internal meetings to develop their own work plans in accordance with the commission’s meeting assignments The last advisory in January 2020.

Therefore, and based on the coordination achieved, the high-level working group invited members of the Gas Industry Advisory Committee to the third meeting of the Gas Industry Advisory Committee to discuss the proposed work plans of the subcommittees.

The meeting was chaired by the representative of Egypt and the chair of the high-level working group in the presence of representatives of the founding members of the forum, and representatives of members of the Gas Industry Advisory Committee, as well as representatives of the European Union and the World Bank.

On the other hand, the forum management responded to the requests it received from some major energy companies to join the gas industry advisory committee in light of the growing importance of the forum at the global level and invited those parties to join the committee and attend its meeting, to contribute to the activities of the forum and achieve its goals.