GasReg approve new tariff for using the Egyptian gas network


GasReg approve new tariff 37.5 cents per MMBtu for using the Egyptian gas network

The Gas Regulatory Authority board, Egypt “GASREG” has approved a new tariff 37.5 cents per MMBtu million British thermal units for using the gas transportation system (the National Natural Gas Network) for the year 2020.

This step comes within a set of policies and procedures that The agency has within the framework of regulating the gas market and its liberalization gradually in accordance with international practices to work to integrate the Egyptian market with global gas markets, taking into account the country’s strategy to be a regional center for gas and oil trading.

The aim of approving a new tariff is to regulate the financial and commercial part of the gas transportation activity and convert it into an economic activity capable of covering its costs, achieving a fair return for the owners of the network.

Approve a tariff is the first step in making the network available to others in accordance with the principles of transparency, justice, non-discrimination, and equality, taking into account the interests of all participants in the gas market.