Oman is a new road to transport Saudi oil to the Indian Ocean

Oman is a new road to transport Saudi oil to the Indian Ocean
Edited by:  Suzan Nour
While Oman is building new roads to transport Saudi oil to the Indian Ocean, the Egyptian Oil sector, acquiring market share by signing a memorandum of understanding expanding the framework of cooperation, between Egypt and Oman in various projects, in the field of storage warehouses, handling and transport of petroleum and gas products and the field of research, exploration and production of oil.
The memorandum also aims to encourage the exchange of information, experiences and future prospects related to the field of oil and natural gas through strengthening partnership between government and private sector institutions in both countries, in addition to transfer of technology and strengthen institutional expertise and capacity building, as well as exploring investment opportunities in the areas of research and exploration of oil and gas and manufacturing.
Storage, marketing of crude oil, natural gas, liquefied gas and petroleum products between the two countries, in addition to technical cooperation, training courses, expert visits, organizing seminars, workshops, scholarships and scientific The memo is working to support cooperation in the refining industry and the establishment of storage and processing of petroleum equipment, engineering services, construction projects and the delivery of natural gas to homes, commercial and industrial areas in order to achieve the principle of value-added warehouses.